APCO CEO Tony Wanderon says buys further 'strengthen its position in the F&I industry.' - APCO Holdings

APCO CEO Tony Wanderon says buys further 'strengthen its position in the F&I industry.'

APCO Holdings

APCO Holdings, a provider and administrator of automotive rinance and insurance products acquired two companies, widening its holdings in the RV and power-sports segments.

The acquisitions of Capital Administrative Professionals and Rider’s Advantage follow its acquisition of Crystal Fusion in May. APCO said the buys further strengthen its position in the F&I industry.

Capital Administrative Professionals, or CAP, is an F&I administrator providing flexible products to automotive, RV and power-sports agents and dealers across the country. Started in 2021, it supports over 700 dealers with products, training, wealth-building, and service.

"We’re thrilled to welcome CAP to the APCO family," said Tony Wanderon, CEO of APCO Holdings, LLC. "This strategic move strengthens our market position and aligns with our vision of delivering innovative products and solutions for dealers. We look forward to working with the talented CAP team and leveraging their expertise to drive growth and value for our customers."

“Acquiring CAP broadens our product portfolio and allows us to deliver what dealers and agents need from their F&I provider,” said APCO Chief Revenue Officer Courtney Hoffman. “Michael and his team will fit seamlessly into our business, elevating how we support our growing channels.”

“We’re excited to join APCO as it allows us to better support our agents and dealers across channels.” said Capital Administrative Professionals President Michael Hunter. “The resources unlocked by this acquisition are unparalleled in the industry.”

APCO's acquisition of Rider’s Advantage, a power-sports F&I agency, expands the company's product portfolio for power-sports dealers, agents, and lenders.

Rider’s Advantage is a comprehensive F&I agency that provides a deep portfolio of products and training services. Its products are sold by over 1,000 powersports, marine, and RV dealerships.

"We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Rider’s Advantage to the APCO family," Wanderon said. "This acquisition increases our ability to deliver the products and services powersports dealers want and need, plus enhances our ability to support dealers across multiple channels."

“Joining APCO allows us to provide an unprecedented level of value and support to the industry, while growing and preserving the integrity of our brand." said Rider's Advantage President Rob Hefner. "We are incredibly honored to be part of the APCO family.”

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